The New Solarism

Izabela Kałduńska \\ Violinist & Music Composer

THE NEW SOLARISM (Leipzig/Gdańsk) “melt away listening to the dreamy music of The New Solarism – solo endeavour of Leipzig – based Izabela Kałduńska (Gdańsk, PL).

Trained in classical music she does quite a good job using her skill for other, less academic stuff, like creating ambient noise/soundscapes with violin, loops, effects and samples. Simple as it sounds, the layers resonate in complex ways.” – Pracht 2019

“What a surprise besides mainstream – wonderful violin sound experience. A discovery beyond mainstream, a mixture of violin and musical introspection, wonderfully recorded” – Vielschreiber 2022

The New Solarism recorded for ARTE, Radio Blau, Sphere Radio, Ilses Erika Corona TV.